Hello, I am Paul Bihr a passionate photographer and lover of images. I started photography in 2012, and since my childhood I have been inspired by photography and coastal landscapes. Born in front of the sea in Le Havre, France, I have always lived on the coast and I only really feel good near the sea. I like to contemplate the seascapes, to walk between two gusts or two waves , and I want to share this peaceful atmosphere and the escape that the sea provides through my photographic work.

After years of practice and a few exhibitions in France and Eastern Europe, I developed my own style of photography, focusing on composed shots and light management. I want to convey through my photos the love of nature, landscapes, complex feelings. I currently live in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, on the French Basque coast, surrounded by nature and magical and wonderful landscapes.

Living on the Basque coast gives me the opportunity to capture the stunning views of the coast and create inspiring images that encourage people to explore the region and appreciate the beauty of nature. This region is for me a mixture of what is most beautiful and unique.

despite of being poet or writer, I wanted through my images to convey the poetry, the feelings, and the emotions that nature and the sea give me. A color, a storm, absolute calmness, each one of my images represents an emotion that I try to convey to you and which I hope you will like.